Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(Work) Digi Annual Dinner.

#1 This is my 1st time posting about my usherette jobs, right?
Digi Annual Dinner was one of my jobs. *I believe you all know that I always work to earn more money*

Guess what's the theme for that dinner? =D

#2 Able to guess from these accessories? =D

#3 Yes, Tang Dynasty!
My 1st time wearing ancient costumes!

#4 My friends praised my look. =D

#5 The sign on my forehead is being added. =O

#6 The six pretty usherettes of that day =P


Isaac Tan said...

looking pretty there jiayeen!

bendan said...

Looks great here. I hope to try those costume once also. LOLz!!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, never knew work as usherette also have costume one! DO you guys get to have the dinner too after that? :P

JunFook said...

wahhhhh maciam guan yin ma =D

Simple Person said...

U look very nice..like an empress
did u manage to get d best costume award?

Simon Seow said...


Jiayeen said...

Isaac> Thankssss =D

bendan> Rent it and try =DDD

Hilda> Actually more like part-time model. =P

Junfook> Hahahaha! Good la! Then I can bless u =P

Simple> Nope, was just working. =)

Simon> Hao! =)

Camy said...

OMG! super pretty!