Monday, February 6, 2012

CNY Day 6.

#1 Day 6!

Look of the day? friend said I look like some Japanese model. =.=
*Hello! I have no Kawaii look!*

#2 Outfit of the day was a sleeveless US-pictured top with shorts. =D

#3 Went to Neway 1Utama again but this time with a bunch of secondary schoolmates!
Fun, of course. =P

#4 Mushroom Soup with garlic bread.

#5 Curry Fish Balls.

#6 Snapshot 1!

All were well-ready for picture!

#7 Snapshot 2!
Random poses.

Me and >o< pose. =P

#8 My Yi-zheng papa is sooooooo blessed because he was with so many pretty girls!! =P

#9 Night!

My mum's turn to treat my whole family!
It was likes one of our family tradition. =P

#10 Trust me! You wouldn't wanna try this!
It actually smells like....."Ti Da Zhao"!

#11 Red Wine again!
Our new family drinks, I guess? =/

#12 Not for kids so cousins cannot drink! =P

#13 My glass of red wine. =)

#14 Yee Sang again loh! What else! XD

#15 This was my uncle after the "Ti da zhao" effect! =X

#16 Lou ah Lou! Lou for good luck! XD

#17 "Pun Choy"!

Yummy but the dried scallop is too salty. =.=

#18 Nahhhh! Give you a closer look at the Pun choy! =P

#19 Steamed Fish!

#20 Lotus leaf-wrapped Rice. =D

#21 Salted egg Prawns =D

#22 Mouth washing desserts. =P

#23 My lovely family. =))

#24 Jim Jie jie gave me this pretty box.
I wasn't expecting anything but saying thank you to her. =D

#25 Yes, Fossils.
She is working at Fossils.
That's why I always get Fossils goodies or discount . =)

This was before I opened the cute little box. =)

#26 Yes, she gave me a pair of nice Fossils earrings. =D

Thank you! Loves! =)


Admin MMN said...

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A million thanks to you.

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Henry Tan said...

hello kawaii japanese girl! XD

Dennis said...

your uncle's name is William?

HitoMi Ng said...

Pretty as always :) Doing more modeling jobs now?

Jiayeen said...

Admin> Thankssss XD

Henry> Ishhhh! I am not cute =(

Dennis> Ya, why? =)

Hitomi> Yea, events but nt many, just occasionally. =D